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M A K E U P 

H A I R & M A K E U P 

O T H E R 


Emily is a graduate of the Make-up Designory in Soho, NY. With an appetite for beauty, studying Make-up was the perfect opportunity for her passion to come to life.  Beauty wasn’t all she studied, her curriculum included character make-up, from bald caps to prosthetics. After graduating Emily became a lead makeup artist for a private label on the coast of Connecticut. She has had the chance to work on numerous commercial shoots & has branched into wardrobe and set design. 


With an island love so deep Emily moved to Nantucket.  She is continuously being inspired by the Grey Lady's natural charm! Emily is whitty, whimsical & knows how to create practicle beauty at the same time!

Emily’s vision from the beginning was to help women reach their full beauty potential.


10 years later, She continues to see that vision through and provide one beautiful outcome after another! 

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